About Us

Our owner, Tracy, felt on top of the world in 2007!

Her husband’s business was doing well, and after being overweight/unathletic her whole life, she set a goal of and succeeded in competing in her first figure competition – coming home with two placement trophies.

The end of that year changed everything. Her husband Jim’s business in the housing industry was starting to suffer under the beginning of the financial crash and at the same time, Jim was gradually becoming paralyzed for unknown reasons.

By 2009, the housing bubble was in full “burst” mode, and Jim was a full quadriplegic having lost the use of his legs and his arms (he had two major spinal cord injuries, but was ultimately diagnosed with a degenerative neuromuscular disease). He was unable to find another job if he lost his business.

Tracy’s weight suffered during this stressful time period, but with the inspiration of her husband’s “can do” spirit, she picked herself up, determined to not let all of her hard work go to waste. In the process of hitting it hard at the gym again, she went in search of feminine looking fitness gloves (leopard print to be exact). Unable to find anything other than “basic black”…and at the same time, needing to find a way to make a living while also being available to be a full time caregiver to her husband…Femme Fitale Fitness was born as a home based business and has since grown into an office with a growing staff of caring, dedicated, and detail oriented individuals.

We hope you love our ever expanding line of feminine sports gloves made from high quality leathers and materials, many featuring embellishments with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Quality, comfort, function, AND fashion.

“Work out looking like a girl” and “Bling your swing” with Femme Fitale Fitness!!

In LOVING memory of my husband Jim who passed away on December 14, 2013. 

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